A senior resident looks happy and content as she knits while sitting in a room meant for pursuing hobbies.

5 Hobbies Perfect For Seniors


As we age, we tend to spend more time alone and at home. Our daily activities become more sedentary, and we may feel isolated. What can you do to stay active and engaged? Find a hobby! A hobby can help you maintain your mental, physical, and social well-being, while you explore the things that interest you. 

Hobbies can give you a sense of fulfillment. People who pursue hobbies have better cognitive functioning and greater satisfaction with life. Creative hobbies and social activities may even reduce the risk of dementia for seniors. 

What are good hobbies for seniors? We’ve shared five of our favorite hobbies for older adults in this article. 

1. Painting

Making art is invigorating. When you pick up a paint brush, you’ll engage your creativity and use your fine motor skills. In a study by the Mayo Clinic, those who pursued creative arts, like painting and drawing, were 73% less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment compared to those who didn’t pursue the same activities. Painting your next masterpiece may help you maintain your brain. 

2. Knitting 

If you need an indoor hobby, knitting may be for you. Knitting is a calming activity that has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Knitting can reduce your risk of cognitive impairment and make you happy. Cast-on your yarn and let your mind wander to experience the meditative quality of knitting. When you’re finished with your scarves or hats, you can wear them, share them with loved ones, or donate them to someone in need. 

3. Writing 

Writing is a good hobby for seniors with limited mobility. Starting a daily writing practice helps you reflect on your thoughts and experiences. Through writing, you can explore your memories and express yourself creatively. You can try writing a memoir, a piece of fiction, or a collection of poems. If you want to share your work with others, you may be able to start or join a writer’s workshop group. 

4. Dancing

Dancing is a fun way to exercise, enjoy music, and interact with others. While dancing won’t be the right activity for everyone, seniors can benefit from implementing movement into their routines. Seniors who regularly dance show increased functional fitness, which includes muscular strength, balance, and flexibility. If you take dance classes, you will engage your brain each time you learn new steps. Are you ready to waltz? Slip on your dancing shoes and find a partner! 

5. Photography 

Another creative hobby to consider is photography, which you can do indoors or in nature. Photographers share their perspectives by taking snapshots of the world around them. Taking photos can help keep your brain active and your body moving. There are many different styles of photography, types of camera lenses, and ways to manipulate photos. With this hobby, you won’t ever be bored. When you master one thing, you can keep learning and delving into the craft. 

Find Your Passion 

A hobby can be any activity that you enjoy. You can learn something new or revisit an activity you used to love. If you’re searching for a hobby, think about your passions and interests. 

Sometimes our long-lost interests can transform into hobbies. Take some time to think back to your childhood curiosities. If you’ve always loved nature, you could try birdwatching or gardening. Were you fascinated with building things? You could take up woodworking.  

You can also ask yourself what you’ve always wanted to do. Have you always wanted to write poetry, but never had the time? You should pick up a pen and see where your interest takes you. 

Assisted Living Communities 

When you move into assisted living, you don’t have to give up your hobby. In fact, you may meet people who have the same interests as you! 

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