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Assisted Living Checklist: How to Identify the Best Senior Living Communities


Choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one can be difficult, especially once you sit down to consider every detail that goes into picking a facility that will fit your needs. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and that there are too many elements to ever settle on one facility. We’ve compiled an assisted living checklist when finding assisted living facilities that might be a fit for you or a loved one.

Is assisted living the right choice for me?

Before jumping in, it’s important to assess your needs and know if assisted living is the right choice for you or your loved one. Assisted living fills a niche between needing no assistance to requiring constant medical supervision. If you need very little assistance, you could consider an independent living facility instead, which offers less supervision. If you have a severe medical issue that requires constant or near-constant observation, it might be best to consider a nursing home or skilled nursing facility where you can receive more continual care.

Once you have determined the type of facility you or a loved one needs, make a list of the potential facilities and plan to visit each one at least once. If you’re particularly interested in any one place, visit multiple times to get a feeling of what it’s like during different times of the day and with different staff. Get feedback from friends and family as well about facilities they like and see if it matches your own needs.

What kind of questions do I need to ask?

There are numerous questions one should ask about their potential assisted living facility. When looking for the best senior living communities in your area, consider asking some of the questions from our assisted living checklist:


  • Is housekeeping provided?
  • What are the housing options? Are there single rooms or does everyone have a roommate?
  • Are there kitchens or kitchenettes so that a resident may cook?


  • How many meals are served a day? Do I have an option in what I am served?
  • Can family members join a resident for a meal?
  • How are meals delivered if a resident is sick or cannot leave the bed?

Safety and mobility

  • What measures are in place to keep residents safe?
  • If a resident’s health worsens, what does the facility do to keep them safe and healthy?
  • Are all rooms and halls well lit?


  • What kind of activities are offered by the facility?
  • Does the outside community interact with the residents in any way?
  • What is the resident community like? Do residents interact frequently?


  • Is the location safe? Is there a lot of crime in the area?
  • Is the location of the facility close enough to friends and family?
  • Is the facility close to things a resident may need (pharmacies, doctors, etc)?

You may have questions outside of this assisted living checklist, but do not hesitate to ask any question that you could possibly have when looking for the best senior living communities near you. A good assisted living facility will have a resident’s best interest at heart and be willing to answer any questions. Before visiting, check to see if the facility has a website that has a section for frequently asked questions so you can cover the basics before you enter the facility. Print out your questions or bring a copy on your phone so you don’t freeze on the spot.

Choosing a senior living community doesn’t need to be a stressor to you or your family. Consider Culpepper Place for an assisted living facility that emphasizes excellence, integrity, respect, individuality and security.

If you’re looking for assisted living facilities in Olive Branch, MS or near Memphis, TN, contact us and schedule a tour today.

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