Respite Care in an Assisted Living Facility

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is defined as the temporary care of a dependent, ill, or restricted elderly, while providing relief for their usual care givers or a short period of rest/relief from something difficult. It can also be defined as a moment of hope and solitude for caregivers while also having peace of mind knowing your love one(s) are being taken care of. Whichever definition correlates to your circumstance just know that there are many facilities that offer respite care to individuals and families that need this service. 

When is Respite Care Needed?

Often caretakers feel consumed by the pressure of everyday life and having to care for a dependent loved one. Not realizing that it is acceptable to acknowledge that assistance is needed. So, when do you, as the caregiver, need respite care? 

1. Vacation

Are you planning to take a vacation and needing someone to care for your relative or has your caretaker been talking about wanting to take a vacation but not unsure about who will care for you? Making memories and having those moments that you can relax and enjoy is very important, but it can also be stressful if you have someone who needs constant care. There are resources available that will allow you to plan the perfect getaway without the guilt or worry.  

2. Pandemic

During a crisis and a time of uncertainty caring for a loved one can be very fearful. This fear can come from you having to work outside of the home and not knowing who you are encountering. Placing a dependent, ill, or restricted elderly in an assisted living facility during these times of uncertainty allows you to have peace of mind that they are receiving the care they need while being able to have an amazing quality of life.

3. Need a Break/Overwhelmed

If you are juggling many different roles in your life and you need some assistance with your loved one, it is okay to ask for help. Stress can affect everyone, those receiving care and those who provide care. As a caregiver if you are not taking care of yourself you are not able to care for others.

4. Trial Period

Have you or your loved one(s) been discussing assisted living as an alternative care option? A respite stay is the perfect opportunity for you to see if the Community that they are interested in is a good fit for them.

5. Yourself

No need to worry about who is going to be there to help you after having surgery, after a hospital stay, or rehabilitation; if you need assistance respite care is the perfect option for you!

What questions to ask?

When looking into an assisted living facility for you or your loved one’s respite stay it can be overwhelming with the amount of information that you may receive. So how do you know what to look for? Here are several questions that you should ask and information to look for: 

  1. How long can one stay in the facility for a respite stay? 
  2. What services are offered? 
  3. What is the staff to resident care ratio?
  4. How much advanced scheduling is required?
  5. What is your medical emergency policy?
  6. Does insurance cover respire care?
  7. What fees are involved?
  8. What is the admission process? 

Respite care can be very beneficial for everyone involved. For the person needing care you can have the proper person tend to your specific needs. While the caregiver is getting the proper rest and relaxation that is needed. Respite care can be a moment of rescue from stress while being able to be at peace. Whether you or a loved one needs temporary assistance respite care is the right option for you. Here at Culpepper Place of Olive Branch we offer respite care for the folks in our Community. Wondering what services we offer to those who are in our respite program? Please contact our facility today to learn more about Culpepper Place of Olive Branch Respite Program. 



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