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Searching For Assisted Living Facilities: Where to Start

Starting your search for an assisted living facility, whether it’s for yourself or your loved one can seem overwhelming. Finding the place to spend your golden years is a big decision and should be considered with care. Keep reading to learn what you should put on your assisted living checklist when looking for a community to call home. 

Determine Your Needs

Before you start writing down a whole list of things, let’s determine the difference between needs and wants. Your needs are non-negotiable. Things that if you were to go without, would have a significant negative impact on your quality of life. Things to consider are medical needs, care needs, dietary needs, and financial needs.

  • Medical & Care Needs: Do you require around-the-clock access to quick medical care? Do you anticipate yourself needing it in the future? If so, it’s vital to choose an assisted living facility that is known for a sharp team of medical and care professionals who can help you quickly, should the need arise. Similarly, senior adults looking for assisted living communities and their loved ones might find peace of mind in choosing a facility that is near a hospital or medical center.  If you or your loved one requires assistance with activities of daily living, you must find an assisted living facility that will provide the level of care you need.
  • Dietary Needs: Many senior adults have particular diets or dietary restrictions. When you find an assisted living facility you are interested in, make sure to ask their staff if their kitchen accommodates dietary restrictions and provides balanced meals with healthy options.
  • Financial Needs: Your budget is also essential to consider when searching for an assisted living community to call home. If you can not afford a certain facility, then it is best to talk with the staff to discuss your options or look elsewhere.  

Determine Your Wants

Once you’ve found an assisted living location or two that meets your needs, it’s time to focus on your wants. Do you desire a senior living community with a robust social calendar? Fitness classes? A community garden? Maybe you want to be close to entertainment or shopping and would love a shuttle service to take you where you need to go. Or perhaps, living close to family is vital for you. Make sure to take all of your wants into consideration, after all, you’re looking for your new home! But also do not let your wants take priority over your needs. Similarly, if you are looking for an assisted living facility for your loved one, put their needs, and wants as a priority over yours. Keep the focus on what is best for them, not what is best for you.

Schedule a Tour of an Assisted Living Facility

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to two-three locations, it’s time to schedule a tour! Taking a guided tour of an assisted living community lets you see what life might be like for you after moving in. Typically, you can view living spaces, participate in social events happening that day, and eat in the dining room.

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