A man helps a senior woman hang artwork on the wall of her assisted living apartment.

Tips for Decorating An Assisted Living Apartment


It can be hard to move into assisted living. Your loved one will be moving out of a space they’ve called home. They may be saying goodbye to a place where years of cherished memories were made. Your loved one will also have to let go of many belongings, as they move into their assisted living community. 

You can make the transition to assisted living easier by helping your loved one create a space that feels like home. In this blog, we’ve shared some tips for decorating an assisted living apartment. 

Think About Safety First

When decorating, safety and accessibility should be your top priorities. You don’t want to bring in belongings or arrange the furniture in a way that could prove dangerous to you or your loved one. You will want to make sure walkways are clear of furniture and belongings. Rugs, electrical cords, and glass furniture can be safety hazards. Loose cords can be placed behind furniture or attached to the wall to prevent your loved one from tripping over them. 

Whether your loved one brings furniture from home or purchases new pieces, you will want to make sure that the furniture complements the space they will be living in. You don’t want the space to feel crowded. Too much furniture may be a safety hazard if walkways are not clear. You may also consider bringing round furniture instead of furniture with sharp corners. 

When arranging your loved one’s space, you will want to think about their routine. What things do they use on a daily basis? Belongings they use or need frequently should be kept in an accessible place, like a top drawer of a dresser or desk. You will want to make sure your loved one’s new space is well-lit with lights close to the bed, in the bathroom, and in more shadowed areas like the closet. 

Be Creative With Storage

Most assisted living apartments are small. There is a limited amount of space, and you must choose which belongings are necessary to bring and which are not. Your loved one will have to choose which belongings are most valuable to them, as they will not be able to take everything with them. Leaving well-loved belongings behind is not easy, so be sure to give your loved one enough time to make the decision.

Finding new ways to store belongings will help your loved one’s space feel less cluttered. Try using trunks or ottomans for storage. Pieces like these can also serve as side tables and places for guests to sit. 

Make the Space Unique

Like many apartments, the bare bones of an assisted living apartment may feel uninviting. Personalizing the apartment will make it more appealing. If your loved one has a hobby, such as photography, you may want to bring your loved one’s camera and hang some prints on the wall. If your loved one enjoys writing, set up a space complete with journals and their favorite pens. Art, plants, music, or favorite books help tailor the space to your loved one. 

Moving to assisted living may be the perfect time for your loved one to buy a piece of furniture or decor they’ve always wanted. Picking out something new, like a lamp or curtains, will help them take ownership of the space and allow them to express their style.

Remind Them of Home  

The transition to assisted living doesn’t mean starting from scratch. If your loved one has a favorite chair or blanket, be sure to bring those things to the new space. Pieces from home will make the apartment more comfortable. Pillows and throws can make a room cozy, and, combined with a few cherished trinkets, can reflect your loved one’s home. 

Decorating the space with family pictures will remind your loved one of the people that love them. Hanging up photos from family vacations, graduations, weddings, or birthdays can bring back special memories. Small touches from home may be just what you or your loved one needs to settle into a new space. 

Are you or a loved one considering moving to an assisted living apartment? At Culpepper Place, we provide the care, support, and social opportunities our residents need to continue living their lives to the fullest. Contact us to schedule a tour or talk about joining our community. We can help with your transition to assisted living. 


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