Two couples enjoy playing in and observing the changing leaves, which is on our list as one of the best fall activities for seniors.

20 Best Fall Activities for Seniors


Fall is a favorable time of year with the transition to cooler weather. There are many things to enjoy about this season, such as pumpkin spice, fall fashion, and beautiful colors all around us with the changing color of the leaves to the crisp fall breeze. But what kinds of things are there for seniors to do during this seasonal transition?  What are the best fall activities for seniors?

Indoor Fall Fun

Being creative through participation in arts and crafts is beneficial for seniors. The bright colors are beautiful to look at while aiding with vision. Crafting can boost your mood, help maintain motor function, relieve stress, and may act as a form of therapy.

According to Gene Cohen, MD, PhD, Director of the Center on Aging, Health & Humanities at George Washington University in Washington, DC, arts have a positive effect on our health and illness as we age. What are the best things for seniors to do indoors in the fall?

  1. Pumpkin painting
  2. Create a Fall Wreath
  3. Leaf Rubbing
  4. Gratitude Wall
  5. Decorate Fall Themed Cookies
  6. Football Game
  7. Costume Party
  8. Craft Fair
  9. Fall Fiber Art Show
  10. Art Museum

Outdoor Fall Fun

Get in the spirit! Fall is the beginning of festivals, pumpkin patches, and much more. Get bundled up in hats, gloves, scarves, and blankets so you can gather with loved ones to have fun.  Outdoor fall fun allows all of us to interact with one another and fellowship.

According to Psychology Today, socialization can boost brain health and possibly lower the risk of dementia while building your immune system and enjoying better physical health. What are the best outdoor fall activities?

  1. Movie Night
  2. Go Apple or Pumpkin Picking
  3. Go on a hayride
  4. Go for a Scenic Drive
  5. Go on a Picnic
  6. Farmer’s Market 
  7. Oktoberfest
  8. Trunk or Treat
  9. Outing at the Zoo
  10. Fall Festival

Things for Seniors to Do in the Memphis and DeSoto County Area

There are so many things for seniors to do with friends or loved ones this fall season. If you are located in the Greater Memphis or Desoto County area, stop by our facility. Take a tour to see why we were voted Desoto’s Best Assisted Living Facility two years in a row and what fun activities we have planned for the residents of our community.

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