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Choosing an Assisted Living Facility


The decision has been made to move yourself or your loved one into an assisted living community. Now what?  There will be many questions and concerns as this is uncharted territory. You want to find the best community that best suits you or your loved one. Don’t worry, we have some tips for helping you choose the best assisted living community for you!  


Location, Location, Location!  It is all about location! Think about where you would like to live. Do you want to stay in the same area that you have been in for many years? Do you want to move closer to relatives or even lifelong friends? Or do you want to move somewhere new? Once you have picked the location then the research can begin!

Senior Living Research

Look at the assisted living communities in the area in which you wish to reside. Learn about the community that you are interested in. What are the reviews of the community that you are interested in? Does the community have a social media page?

Do you know someone who lives in an assisted living community or someone who has moved their loved one(s) into a community? Ask them to share their experience with you regarding the process of moving into a community as well as the pros and cons of their experience.


You have found an assisted living community that you are interested in, so now what? Contact the assisted living community and asked to speak with someone who can schedule a tour of the community.

Be Prepared

Be prepared for your tour. Think about questions that you want to ask assisted living administrators on your tour, write them down and take them with you on the day of the tour. Take a notepad along with a pen to be able to jot down questions that you may have while walking around the community. Not sure what to ask? Here is something to think about:

  1. What amenities are offered?
  2. What services are being offered?
  3. What do the apartments look like?
  4. What dining amenities are offered?
  5. What are some ways to make assisted living feel like home
  6. What decorations are allowed?
  7. Do you have staff members on-site 24/7?
  8. What is your staff-to resident ratio?
  9. Can your staff administer medications?
  10. What types of activities are available?
  11. What security and safety measures do you have in place?
  12. What is the cost and what is the billing procedure?  
  13. What is the admission process?
  14. Do you have a move-in special?
  15. What are your protocols for a pandemic outbreak?


There are many misconceptions about assisted living communities; however, assisted living can enhance the quality of life of the residents within its community. 

At Culpepper Place of Olive Branch, we take pride in providing the best community for our residents. Please contact Culpepper Place of Olive Branch today to find out why we were voted the best assisted living community in Desoto County!

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