Culpepper Place provides monthly resources on the topic of assisted living and maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle while aging. Seniors, families, and caregivers can all benefit from reading the topics on the Culpepper Place blog.

If you’re transitioning into assisted living or know someone who is, there are plenty of posts that we’ve included that will help you and your loved one adjust with a sense of optimism. We cover topics such as how to discuss moving to an assisted living facility with your parent, the cost of in-home care v. assisted living, and how assisted living enhances quality of life. 

For caregivers, we have posts that cover caregiver guilt, dementia, and more.  

Of course, you’ll need to browse through our blog posts to find out more! We hope you enjoy reading the resources that we’ve created for you.

A senior couple meets with an advisor to plan for long-term care.

Importance of A Power of Attorney for Seniors

Imagine you are incapacitated due to an accident or emergency. Imagine you’re recovering from a surgery or that you have developed the first stages of Alzheimer’s. Who will make your medical decisions when you cannot? Who will take care of your bills and finances?  Seniors

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A gray armchair sits by a window in an assisted living facility

4 Ways to Make Assisted Living Feel Like Home

Making the transition to assisted living isn’t easy. Many seniors are sad to leave their homes and belongings behind, even if a health crisis prompted their move.  While assisted living will never take the place of the family home, you can help your loved one

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A senior couple looks at their old wedding photos

Understanding Dementia: A Practical Guide

Struggling for a word. Forgetting where you are. Leaving the stove on. Asking the same question again and again. Memory loss is something that affects all parts of your life, from your relationships to your safety. Dementia is an umbrella term for altered memory, thinking,

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Two senior residents eat in the dining room cafeteria and have an engaging conversation over their meals.

Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living

Your mother struggles with getting dressed. Your father can no longer keep his house clean. When your loved one has trouble with daily activities, it’s time to discuss additional care.  Many older adults are resistant to the idea of assisted living. In a recent survey,

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A senior Culpepper Place woman resident is doing low impact movements among friends in an exercise class.

Low-impact Exercises for Seniors

We become more sedentary as we age. When we stop moving, we lose our ability to do the things we enjoy. Regular exercise helps us stay mobile.  Active seniors are more likely to perform activities of daily living, like dressing and bathing, themselves. Physical activity

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